Feet dipped in a serene freshwater pool, creating a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Freshwater Pool Benefits

Experience the revolution in swimming pool technology with a freshwater pool. Reduce chemical usage, promote a healthier environment, and enjoy a refreshing swim without allergen concerns. Explore options and learn more about the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System from Naked Pools. Join the trend of embracing the future of backyard swimming.

A woman enjoying a relaxing swim in a heated pool at night, powered by the NCS Premier Series Heat Pump.

Are Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Worth It?

Discover the future of pool heating with inverter pool heat pumps and the NCS Premier Series. Experience precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and an extended swimming season. Dive into our comprehensive guide and explore how these advanced technologies can transform your pool into a haven of comfort and sustainability.

Pre-plumbing stage for an inground pool by NCS, showing the laying of necessary plumbing lines before concrete is poured.

The Importance of Pool Plumbing for Your Inground Pool

Proper pool plumbing is essential to the longevity and function of your new inground pool. From pre-plumbing to automation equipment installation, each step is critical to ensure proper water flow and pool maintenance.

Women floating on a her back in a sunny, clear pool. She is wearing a black bikini and is smiling happily. She is enjoying a longer swimming season with pool solar heating.

Enjoy a Longer Swimming Season
with Zero Running Costs!

Swimming pools are a great source of entertainment, exercise, and relaxation, but they can also be expensive to maintain. Fortunately, pool solar heating is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that allows you to enjoy a longer swimming season.

A woman is enjoying a relaxing swim in a beautiful, sunlit pool with a view of the ocean in the background. She is resting on the edge of the pool with her arms and legs in the water, appearing to be at peace and comfortable.

Premier Series Heat Pump
Next Generation Inverter Technology

Upgrade your pool heating system with NCS Premier Series Heat Pump – the next generation in inverter technology. Our advanced InverPad technology and superior componentry provide more heat than standard heat pumps, while its slimline design allows it to blend into the background.

Man on reed tiled roof installing a DIY Solar Pool Heating Collector

How to install a Tuflock DIY
Solar Pool Heating System

Thermal solar pool heating is a simple and effective form of pool heating. Pool water is pumped through a series of tubes, known as a solar collector, which is installed on your home, shed or other nearby building. The solar collector absorbs the sun’s free heat and transfers it to the pool water that is […]

Young girl in a yellow ring in the swimming pool holding two half oranges to her eyes.

Everything you need to know about Solar Pool Heating!

Adding a swimming pool to your home can add value and improve your lifestyle. However, the number one factor determining how often you use the pool is water temperature.

Top view of a woman relaxing in clear pool water on a hot sunny day.

6 Cost-Effective Ways
To Heat Your Pool

6 Cost-Effective Ways To Heat Your Pool There is nothing better on a hot summer’s day than jumping into a refreshing cool pool. But what about the rest of the year, when you want a swim, but the water is just too cold! Here are our top 6 cost-effective ways to heat your pool without […]

Image of young man working on a computer near a pool.

Work with us!
Sales Representative

Make a splash in the pool industry!

Due to continued growth and success, we are looking for an experienced Sales Representative to join the NCS team.

Image is of pool stairs and rail leading into a blue tiled pool

How to look after your
pool in winter

Taking good care of your pool in winter is an efficient way to save on overall costs and prevent potential damage to your expensive pool equipment. If you are not planning on using your pool during the cooler months, here’s our top tips to keep it well-looked after and ready for when spring arrives.