Maintenance& Repairs

Solar Pool Heating Servicing & Storm Damage Repairs
in Newcastle, the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley, Sydney and Newcastle.

NCS Pool Heating has a stellar reputation for their thorough and value-for-money inspections and service which customers often choose to book every 12 months to ensure the continued smooth running of their pool solar heating systems and filtration systems.

These inspections are a small investment compared to the big expenses of a poorly performing, energy-sapping system that’s not running to it’s designed efficiency. By regularly servicing your pool solar heating system you could be saving yourself a lot of money in electricity savings.

If you follow the advice on this page and make a relatively small investment in regular inspections you could save yourself on cost.

You can save yourself money on an inefficient system and potential equipment damage, thereby extending the life of your pool solar heating and filtration systems.

As water is pumped from the swimming pool to the solar heating collector on the roof of your house, it is not uncommon for the solar panels to spring a leak.

It is important that you repair any leaks of your solar pool heating to prevent any damage to your roof from the salt water.

Any servicing or repairs should be left to qualified professionals like NCS Pool Heating. We provide pool solar leak repairs.

The best way to keep your pool solar heating and filtration system in top shape is with a yearly maintenance check, at least once per season, to guarantee the continued efficient running of your system.

Storm Damage Repairs

Get fast help with fixing your pool heating after hail storm damage in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Sydney today. We are CM3 approved!

Australia is famous for its wild weather and anyone who has lived through one of our frequent high wind speed or mega hail events, will know just how damaging a storm can be to your property.

Your pool and pool heating components are no different from any other outside equipment. We are CM3 approved which means we conform to all OH&S requirements.

At NCS Pool Heating we are experienced in helping residents of storm-affected areas to rebuild their systems after inclement weather.

We have helped many homeowners in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney areas to clean up following super storms that have seen large hail and high winds damaged roofs and swimming pools.

If your pool heating or filtration equipment is damaged in one of these events, don’t hesitate to call us as we have all the information and experience to help you get back on your feet and get your heated pool back in operation.

Call NCS pool heating today on 1300 138 864 to get fast assistance with pool solar heating repairs after a storm.


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