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Pool Heating in Mid North Coast NSW

Solar Pool Heating Mid North Coast NSW, Taree to Coffs Harbour

The Mid North Coast region has a subtropical climate, which makes it perfect for using solar heating for your swimming pool.

A pool heating system will extend your swimming season during the year and if you are already using gas or electricity to heat your pool, adding solar heating will reduce energy consumption.

A benefit for the environment and your pocket!

NCS Pool Heating provides heating panels and PVC solar pool heating across the Mid North Coast, including Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Taree, Forster and Coffs Harbour. Make the most of the 6-10 hours of daily sunshine and harness that energy for your residential or commercial swimming pool.

Solar Swimming Pool Panels for Heating on the Mid North Coast

No matter how large or small your swimming pool, we have a pool heating system to suit your needs.

Not all homes have the same roof design, so we need to use different systems (panel or PVC) to suit different situations. Solar pool heating panels are lower maintenance and ideal for standard roof shapes.

PVC plastic solar heating is better for unusual shaped roofs and to accommodate roof obstructions, as it does not require fixed size panels. It has similar pool heating efficiency to solar panels and costs less but generally requires higher maintenance. There has been a major advancement in PVC collectors over the last few years, making it a viable alternative to solar polypropylene panels.

Commercial pool solar heating requires a special kind of expertise because of the size of the pool. Many businesses across NSW rely on NCS Pool Heating to make sure their swimming pools live up to the expectations of clients who visit their hotel, guest house, club, aged care home or fitness facility on the Mid North Coast.

Rhino Solar Pool Heating Systems
for Homes & Businesses

NCS Pool Heating is the authorised distributor of Rhino solar
panels for the Mid North Coast, including Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Taree,
Forster and Coffs Harbour.

Rhino Panels is the first solar pool heating panel system to meet NSF-50 Standards which measure contaminants, toxicology, fittings and pressure.

You can rest assured that your swimming pool water is being heated by a high quality durable solar product and is as safe as drinking water!

Professional Pool Solar Heating
System Installation

At NCS Pool Heating, we also conduct installations of pool heating systems
across the Mid North Coast, including Port Macquarie, Kempsey,
Taree, Forster and Coffs Harbour.

Our installers will look at how much sun your property receives and how much roof space you have, to assess which type of heating system would work best for you.

Alternatively, you might prefer our DIY Ecolite solar pool heating kits, which come with simple instructions for you to install.


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