Pool Heating in Sydney

Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Solar heating for your swimming pool will help you get the most out of your Sydney backyard.

Not only will a pool heating system extend your swimming season through the year, but you can also take advantage of the mild Sydney climate and enjoy early morning and late night swims using the power of solar.

Add value to your home and fun to your backyard with pool solar heating from NCS Pool Heating.

Solar Panels for Swimming Pool Heating in Sydney NSW

We provide a wide range of options including pool heating polypropylene panels, PVC collector and solar pool heating kits. As well as residential homes, we are well respected in the industry and provide commercial solar pool heating to many Sydney businesses.

No matter how large or small your swimming pool, we have a product to suit your needs.

Not all homes have the same roof design, so we need to use different systems to suit different situations. NCS Pool Heating technicians are experienced in installing both panels and PVC solar pool heating collector systems, so we can design and install a system that suits your roof shape and budget. There has been a major advancement in PVC collectors over the last few years, making it a viable alternative to polypropylene panels.

Sydney Pool Solar Heating System Installation

At NCS Pool Heating, we also conduct installations of pool heating systems.

Our technicians are always in Sydney so please don’t hesitate to call for advice, as we can look at how much sun your property receives and how much roof space you have, to assess which type of heating system would work best for you.

Occupational Health and Safety is always top of mind when carrying out solar pool heating installations and you can rest assured that our people and your property are in safe hands.

Cockatoo Proof

NCS Pool Heating has been installing residential and commercial solar pool heating systems in Sydney and surrounding areas for over twenty years. We have many satisfied clients and provide a full range of ancillary products for new and existing pools.

We Supply Rhino Pool Heating Systems

Rhino solar panels are popular around the world because their patented vented web makes the entire swimming pool solar heating system resilient to bad weather and the fluted panel surface maximises the ‘solar collector’ area. NCS Pool Heating can supply Rhino pool heating panels in Sydney and Northern Sydney.

Retrofit Pool Heating in Sydney

Swimming pool solar heating can be provided as an aftermarket solution and retrofitted to most pools. If you already have a gas or electric pool heater, solar can also be added as part of a hybrid system so that you only need gas or electricity as a back up for those extra cold Sydney days.

Ask us about cockatoo resistant solar heating panels, kits and cost-efficient PVC tube heating as well as energy-efficient pumps, chlorinators, pool blankets and rollers. We can also supply concealed covers such as the unique Hideaway® pool cover.

Contact NCS Pool Heating today for cost-efficient solar pool heating in Sydney and Northern Sydney!

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