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If you’ve been thinking about heating your pool for a while but you’ve been worried about the cost, you can now extend your summer and save up to 50% on your pool heating costs with an energy-efficient inverter system. You can now enjoy early morning and late night dips and add value to your home. 

Pool heating doesn’t have to be expensive! NCS Pool Heating is a proud supplier of AES Pool Heat Pumps, Australia’s leading inverter pump technology designed to save energy by working with the seasonal temperature of your pool.  

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Extreme Inverter Plus Heat Pumps

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Inverter technology is new to the swimming pool industry in Australia, however, it has been a major player in the air conditioning industry in the country as well as in the swimming pool industry in other countries.

Now, why should use an inverter heat pump for your pool? Inverter heat pumps can give your business or home pool a leverage. It is cost efficient, quiet and compared to a normal heat pump, this inverter can save you up to 30% – 50% on electricity expense.

Our latest Extreme Inverter Heat Pumps for swimming pools will amaze you. Maximum efficiency, a noise free environment and absolutely top quality. The perfect inverter for your dream outdoor lifestyle.

Inverter Heat Pump Technology

Standard heat pumps constantly run on a single speed at maximum capacity instead of reducing load when the desired pool temperature is almost reached. This could mean your standard heat pump is wasting energy, and you’re going to have to pay for it each month.

On the other hand, swimming pool heat pumps with inverters allow the heat pump to adjust its heating capacity depending on the temperature of the pool.

Our Extreme Heat Pumps are made with smart controllers and a variable compressor, allowing it to ramp down when the pool temperature is achieved, therefore minimising electricity consumption.

Control Your Pool Temp from Your Phone

With our inverter systems, you have the ability to control your swimming pool heat pump from the palm of your hand. With a revolutionary digital controller you can drive the entire system, adjusting the temperature of your pool at the touch of a button.

Inverter Heat Pump Warranty

We believe that swimming pool equipment should be of top quality. Our Extreme Inverter Plus swimming pool heat pumps come with 10 years warranty. Electronics and compressor come with a warranty of three years. (Warranty conditions may apply.)

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