Inverterpool heat pumps

Experience Year-Round Swimming Comfort with an
NCS Premier Series Pool Heat Pump

Are you considering pool heating but concerned about the cost? With an energy-efficient and budget-friendly inverter heat pump system from NCS Pool Heating, you can extend your summer, enhance your property value, and slash up to 50% off your pool heating costs.

Whether you are after year-round warmth or an extended swimming season during the warmer months, our inverter swimming pool heat pumps provide the flexibility you need. At NCS Pool Heating, we specialise in prompt and professional heat pump installations, completing the process in just half a day to minimise any disruption to your daily routine.

Experience the pinnacle of pool heating technology with the NCS Premier Series. Our heat pumps are equipped with an impressive array of features that ensure efficient, reliable, and quiet operation. From advanced components to smart connectivity options, these heat pumps offer exceptional performance and durability. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with our comprehensive warranty coverage, providing long-term peace of mind.

Experience the cutting-edge NCS Premier Series
The ultimate Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Embrace the future of pool heating with the NCS Premier Series, meticulously designed to excel in the Australian climate and conditions. This advanced range harnesses the power of next-generation inverter technology, incorporating top-of-the-line components and innovative InverPad technology. The result is a remarkable inverter pool heat pump that surpasses standard models, providing superior heat output, exceptional silence, and an appealing aesthetic.

Through its groundbreaking patented air-stream design, stepless/full DC inverter compressor, and noise-cancelling system, the NCS Premier Series operates at a mere fraction of the noise generated by traditional on/off pumps – it’s ten times quieter! With a DC inverter compressor and brushless fan motor, the speed can be precisely adjusted in increments of one hertz, creating an energy-efficient, whisper-quiet pool environment that the entire family can enjoy year-round.

The Premier Series boasts exceptional efficiency, proven through rigorous TüV Rheinland testing, and is supported by an industry-leading warranty. With a range of sizes available, you can select the perfect fit for your swimming pool, from high-performing single-phase units to our impressive 3-phase 35kW model.

Unsure about choosing the right size inverter pool heat pump for your needs? Entrust our team of experts at NCS Pool Heating who will guide you through the selection process. We take into account critical factors such as pool volume, running time, location, environmental conditions, and desired pool temperature to ensure the perfect match for your unique requirements.

 Features at a Glance

  • Advanced InverPad Technology, patented air-stream slimline design with hidden fan
  • Exceptional energy efficiency with COP up to 15
  • Whisper-quiet operation for undisturbed pool enjoyment
  • Mitsubishi twin-rotary compressor ensures reliable performance
  • Twisted titanium heat exchanger for enhanced heat transfer
  • Stepless DC inverter for precise temperature control
  • Marine-grade Anti-rust ABS casing for durability
  • Environmentally friendly R32 Gas for eco-conscious pool heating
  • Operates in air temperatures ranging from -5°C to 43°C
  • Convenient built-in WiFi for remote control of pool temperature
  • Electronic expansion valve (EEV Tech) for optimal efficiency
  • Reverse cycle defrosting to handle colder climates
  • TüV Rheinland Certified & CE Marked for quality assurance
  • A range of 6 models available, from 13kW single phase to 35kW 3 Phase
  • 10-year compressor warranty and 12-month full replacement cover for peace of mind


Premier Series

Set your desired pool temperature and indulge in ultimate comfort with an inverter heat pump system!

Inverter heat pumps provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for heating your pool water. Similar to air conditioners, these pumps extract warm air from the surroundings and transfer the heat into your pool water, ensuring a consistently pleasant temperature regardless of the weather. Thanks to the advances of inverter technology, pool heating is now more affordable than ever. The integrated inverter automatically adjusts the compression speed to match the heat demand, delivering exceptional energy-saving performance and creating a super silent pool environment. Compared to standard on/off pumps, our premium inverter pool heat pumps from the NCS Premier Series can achieve over 50% energy savings.

Designed specifically for Australian conditions, NCS Pool Heating’s Premier Series offers a range of high-performance, ultra-quiet, and visually appealing units. Our inverter heat pumps are suitable for all types of pools and can operate efficiently within an impressive temperature range of -5°C to +43°C. Experience the pinnacle of pool heating technology with the NCS Premier Series, equipped with an impressive array of features that ensure efficient, reliable, and quiet operation. From advanced components to smart connectivity options, these heat pumps offer exceptional performance and durability. Rest easy with our comprehensive warranty coverage, providing long-term protection for your investment.

NCS Premier Series Inverter Heat Pump

Next Generation Technology

At the forefront of inverter technology, the NCS Premier Series Heat Pumps boast revolutionary InverPad technology and an innovative airflow design. With superior anti-noise technology and a Stepless DC inverter, these heat pumps deliver exceptional performance and energy efficiency.

Improved heating performance means increased power savings for you! The Premier Series pool heat pumps run at middle to low speed which leads to the best energy-saving performance and a near-silent pool environment – achieving more than 50% energy savings compared to a standard on/off-pump.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

NCS Premier Series heat pumps are built to last, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Manufactured with premium componentry, these heat pumps have undergone rigorous testing by TuV Rheinland and carry the CE mark for compliance with European safety and performance standards. Our industry-leading warranty offers comprehensive coverage, protecting your pool heating system against manufacturing faults. With full replacement cover for the first 12 months, we ensure prompt resolution of any issues. Choose NCS Premier Series heat pumps for unmatched quality, reliability, and a satisfaction guarantee. Your investment is safeguarded with our commitment to excellence.

Premium Design

NCS Premier Series Pool Heat Pumps feature a sleek and discreet design, requiring only a 500 mm clearance zone from the back and side. The innovative backward airflow design conceals the fan, seamlessly blending the unit with your garden. Its marine-grade anti-rust ABS casing adds elegance, while the hidden fan ensures safety for children. The reliable digital display and intuitive round touch controller offer user-friendly operation.


EEV Technology

The NCS Premier Series Pool Heat Pumps utilise electronic expansion valve (EEV) technology, boosting the coefficient of performance (COP) by 20%. This translates to enhanced energy savings with the inverter heat pump, thanks to its higher COP value. With this technology, the heat pump can produce up to 15 kW of heat for the pool water, using just 1 kW of electricity (COP up to 15). Enjoy significant efficiency and cost savings with our EEV-equipped heat pumps.

Noise Cancelling Technology

Experience a quiet and comfortable swimming environment with NCS Premier Series heat pumps. Our revolutionary airflow system draws air from the sides and releases it at the back, significantly reducing noise. Combined with the Mitsubishi twin rotary inverter compressor and DC brushless fan, our inverter pool heat pumps operate as quietly as 42dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter. This noise level is 10 times quieter than traditional On/Off heat pumps. Enjoy peace and tranquility while maintaining optimal pool temperature with our noise-cancelling technology.

Designed for All Seasons

NCS Premier Series pool heat pumps are engineered to be suitable for all pools and operate efficiently across a wide range of outside temperatures, from -5°C to +43°C. Regardless of the ambient outside temperature, our heat pumps maintain maximum efficiency, enabling you to enjoy your swimming pool in every season. Additionally, our units come standard with reverse cycle defrosting, ensuring optimal performance even in colder conditions. Experience year-round pool enjoyment with NCS Premier Series heat pumps.


Environmentally Friendly

NCS Premier Series inverter pool heat pumps prioritise eco-friendliness through their low energy consumption and high-efficiency heating exchange. These units utilise sustainable R32 natural gas, which enhances the capability to exchange heat load and delivers high capacity, resulting in increased system efficiency. With a focus on environmental sustainability, our heat pumps provide efficient and effective pool heating while minimising their impact on the environment.


Built in Wi-Fi

The NCS Premier Series heat pumps are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi control as a standard feature. This allows you to conveniently adjust the pool temperature remotely using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enjoy the freedom to control the heat of your pool from anywhere and at any time, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience. Stay connected and in control with our built-in Wi-Fi functionality.

FAQs - Inverter Heat Pumps

  • Yes! However, it all depends on the size of the pool and the time of year. Heat pumps are made to maintain pool temperature on a daily basis. If the heat pump is sized properly to the pool size, once the desired temperature is reached it will automatically maintain that temperature all month long.
  • Always CUT OFF the power supply of the heat pump before cleaning, examination and repair.

    When the heat pump is in use:

    • Please clean this machine with household detergents or clean water, never use gasoline, thinners or any similar fuel.
    • Check bolts, cables and connections regularly.
    • If repair or scrap is required, please contact NCS on 1800 875 752.
    • Do not attempt to work on the equipment by yourself. Unauthorised repair may cause damage and is dangerous.
    • In case of risk, safety inspection must be carried before the maintenance or repairing for heat pumps with R32 gas.


    If the heat pump is not in use:

    • Cut off the power supply to prevent any mechanical damage.
    • Drain water clear of the machine
    • Unscrew the water nozzle of the inlet pipe to let the water flow out
    • Cover the machine body (only when not in use)
    • Please clean this machine with household detergents or clean water, never use gasoline, thinners or any similar fuel.



    COP stands for Coefficient of performance ie. The ratio of power output to power input.

    This is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water of the swimming pool.

    It tells you the energy efficiency rating of the heat pump. The higher the COP of your inverter heat pump, the lower your electricity bill!

    The Premier Series is at the forefront of inverter technology. The core of InverPad technology is the revolutionary streamlined case design, a Stepless DC Inverter and a Noise Cancelling System combined together. Because of its revolutionary pad and airflow design – a unique backward airflow system draws air from the sides and releases it at the back – the outlet airflow is much quieter than traditional models. When combined with superior anti-noise technology the Premier Series provides a near-silent pool heating experience.

    It combines high-end components, such as an inverter compressor, DC brushless fan motor and dedicated pool heating control chipset, to achieve total control over the speed of the heat pump. The frequency and RPM can be adjusted precisely, by one unit at a time, to provide amazing energy-saving and extreme silence. Improved heating performance means increased power savings. To maintain the pool temperature, the Premier Series runs at middle to low speed which leads to the best energy-saving performance and super silent pool environment – achieving more than 50% energy savings compared to a standard on/off-pump.

    Premier Series InverPad Technology

    Today’s inverter pool heat pumps have exceptional performance and are built to last.  The NCS Premier Series range of heat pumps are manufactured using premium componentry, have been quality tested by TuV Rheinland and are CE marked.

    For peace of mind, the Premier Series is also backed by our industry-leading warranty.

        • – Titanium Heat Exchanger, 25 years*
        • – Compressor, 10 years*
        • – Parts, 4 years*
        • – Labour, 1 year*



    Furthermore, we offer FULL REPLACEMENT COVER  for the first 12 months (from the date of purchase) should there be a manufacturing fault. (Note, Replacement Cover does not apply to the misuse of the pool heat pump, negligence, or incorrect installation)

    On the off chance, you do run into an issue with your pool heat pump, please contact the office on 1300 138 864 or fill in the warranty form below and we will be in contact with you asap.

    * Noted Extended Warranty periods apply only to domestic units installed by NCS Pool Heating Systems qualified installers. For further information regarding the Premier Series Warranty, please see further information provided here.

    To reap the most benefits, it’s important that you select an appropriate size for your pool.

    Things that need to be taken into consideration are:

    1. – Your pools size and volume
    2. – When will you be using the pool – extending the season or all year round?
    3. – Are you using a pool cover
    4. – How often do you use your pool
    5. – Where you are located
    6. – The desired temperature of the pool

    For a rough estimate, you first need to determine the volume of your pool (multiply the length by the width and the average depth). Once you have this figure, divide by 2500 to determine the kW required of your pool heat pump.

    For example, a 4 x 6 m pool with an average depth of 1.5 would have a volume of 36,000 litres. Now divide that by 2500, and you will get the number 10.4. So your pool heat pump would need to have a minimum of 10.4kW required for your pool heat pump.

    (Note, this number is taking into account the use of a pool cover)

    For the most consistent and cost-effective functioning inverter pool heat pump, contact the expert team at NCS, who will advise you on the right size pool heat pump for your needs.

    If you have placed an order for a Premier Series Pool Heat Pump online, our team will get in touch shortly to advise you on the expected delivery and, if applicable, an installation date.

    Click Here to download the latest Premier Series, User Manual.




    There are several advantages to inverter pool heat pumps, ranging from unparalleled energy efficiency to the flexibility to heat your pool with or without the sun.

    A pool heat pump generates natural heat from the outside air to warm the water and it is driven by electricity. The next-generation Premier Series intelligently adjusts the operating capacity to improve the efficiency of air-water heating exchange and bring more extra benefits.

    Unlike traditional pool heaters, inverter pool heat pumps only need a small amount of electricity to power the compressor and the fan that pulls in warm air and transfers the heat directly to pool water.

    Energy Efficiency
    Since most of the heat is sourced from natural air, an inverter pool heat pump like the Premier Series is able to offer an impressive COP up to 15.0, which means by consuming every unit of energy can it produce 15 units of heat in return. For reference, neither gas nor electric pool heaters have a COP above 1.0.

    With such outstanding energy efficiency, the running costs of an inverter pool pump are incredibly low, which reflects not only on your bills but also on the environmental impact in the long run.

    With advantages in low energy consumption and high efficiency in heating exchange, inverter pool heat pumps are highly eco-friendly in protecting the environment.

    Quiet and Durable
    An inverter pool heat pump like the Premier Series is 10 x quieter than a traditional on/off heat pump. Moreover, without running at full speed all the time, inverter pool heat pumps are more durable with a longer warranty than traditional on/off pool heat pumps.

    As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a pool cover when your swimming pool is not in use.

    Using a pool cover is important for several reasons:

    1. Energy Efficiency: A pool cover helps to reduce evaporation (the greatest heat loss), which in turn reduces the need for energy consumption and saves you money on heating costs.
    2. A pool cover can cut total heat loss by 50% to 95%.
    3. Less Maintenance: A pool cover reduces the amount of debris and dirt that falls into the pool, making maintenance and cleaning easier.
    4. Water Quality: Pool covers help to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms in the pool water, ensuring that your pool remains clean and safe to use.
    5. Aesthetics: A pool cover protects your pool from the elements and keeps it looking great all year round, adding aesthetic value to your outdoor space.

    Overall, using a pool cover provides numerous benefits that help to improve the safety, cleanliness, and efficiency of your pool, making it a worthwhile investment for any pool owner.




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