Affordable DIY Kits Available
Solar Pool Heating Panels, Pool Covers

Solar heating panels are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to swimming pool heating.

Solar pool heating is by far the most economical and eco-friendly way to heat your pool. Used for decades, solar is a proven thermal engineering concept that can extend your swim season by up to
six months while saving you on electricity and gas bills.

Free clean energy from the sun, cockatoo resistant, stainless steel fittings and low visual impact
makes our Cobra solar heating system the DIY panels of choice. Don’t let your pool go to waste,
install a DIY Cobra Panel system and enjoy the benefits of having a pool – more fun, fitness and entertainment for everyone.



Our Solar panels are simple to use. Just select the desired temperature of your pool on the automatic controller and let the system do the rest.

Water is automatically diverted from the pool, heated and returned as required until the pool reaches your preferred temperature.

Solar panels can work alone or be installed into a hybrid pool heating system where a gas heater or heat pump acts as a backup heater for those really cold days!


Australian Made
Cobra Ridgid Solar Pool Heating Panels

Cobra Panels are high performance rigid solar pool heating panels produced by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacturer.

Cobra Panels are an extremely tough and durable system, manufactured using high-grade materials such as UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene and Glass-filled Polypropylene, Cobra Panels are supplied with a 10-year warranty*. Cobra’s tough and durable design safeguards against cockatoo attack, hail damage, UV exposure, pool chemicals and extreme wind – Cobra Panels are even supplied with a 5-year cockatoo warranty (T&C’s apply).

The easy-to-use DIY solar heating kit and panels can also be retrofitted to most swimming pools. They can also be installed as part of a hybrid system where Cobra becomes the primary source of pool heating, with a gas or electric system as a backup.

Boss Solar’s Cobra solar panels have also met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Climate Care Certified program and have been certified to SRCC 100-2015.

It’s easy to order your new DIY solar panels, contact NCS Pool Heating for a free satellite measurement of your pool so that we can recommend the best DIY system for your roof.

We will provide full training and instructions and also advise you on the best position for your Cobra panels. Extend your swimming season to 7-9 months of the year with a pool solar heating system from NCS Pool Heating!

Start harnessing the free energy of the sun for your swimming comfort, call us today on 1300 138 864 to discuss pricing and options.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Extend your Swimming Season

Installing an NCS Solar Pool Heating system will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable swimming temperature for more months of the year


Reduce your impact on the environment and harness the free and sustainable power of the sun with solar pool heating.

Save $$$ on your power bills

Solar harnesses the suns free energy instead of electricity or gas, saving you thousands over the warranty period. For more information contact the team at NCS Pool Heating.

Long Warranty

NCS Cobra Panels® are supplied with a 10-year warranty* and are even supplied with a 5-year cockatoo warranty*.

*Systems must be installed in accordance with all relevant installation manuals, guidelines and terms and conditions. Conditions Apply. 

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar Pool heating’s simplistic design makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Quiet Operation

Relax poolside without the hum of a gas or heat pump.

Remote quote with Nearmap

No matter where you are in Australia, we can quote on your pool solar heating job remotely using Nearmap software.

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