LED Lighting For Your Swimming Pool

At NCS Pool Heating we specialise in the supply and installation of quality LED lighting solutions to accommodate whatever swimming pool or spa you want to bring to life.

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Automate your swimming pool through our insnrg® and AstralPool® Viron Connect Systems.

Your new pool lights can be controlled through Aqua-Quips® controller or connected to compatible third-party controllers such as the insnrg® Clorinathor or AstralPool® Viron Connect 10.

The LED lights are available in a range of fixed colours or a multi-colour option which features Aqua-Quip’s intelligent Colour Selection Palette boasting thousands of colour possibilities across a wide range of feature modes.

We only supply Australian made swimming pool LED Lights which are available for a range of pool, spa and water feature builds including concrete, vinyl and fibreglass. We can help you upgrade your existing pool lights without having to lower the pool water level or change the transformer.

With an expertly designed pool LED lighting installation, customers often find that the provided illumination becomes the most eye-catching part of their pool and spa. Take your outdoor lifestyle to the next level with a beautiful highlight of twinkling lights shining at night through the warm water of your NCS heated pool.

Get the Best LED Pool Lights With Aqua-Quip®

We use market leading Swimming Pool LED lighting manufacturers Aqua-Quip® who are 100% Australian made and whose name is trusted in the industry.

Our installation of Aqua-Quip® lighting will provide a special evening atmosphere that will give you great pleasure alone or when enjoying your pool with family and friends.

Aqua-Quip’s award-winning swimming pool lights are slim, stylish and modern with multi-coloured underwater light options that create a magical, party-like atmosphere. You could also change the light’s settings to provide fixed colours for a more serene, resort-like appeal.

Your lighting options can also be controlled easily at your fingertips with InstaTouch, the convenient water-resistant remote that allows you to create spectacular underwater lighting effects from the palm of your hand.


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