Solar Pool Heating in Central Coast

NCS Pool Heating, based on the Central Coast, can advise you what will work best in your situation.

Solar Pool Heating Systems in Central Coast from $2000*

NCS Pool Heating is a proud supporter of local Charities & sporting teams.

Extend your swimming season every year by up to six months with a pool solar heating system from NCS Pool Heating on the Central Coast.

NCS Pool Heating can supply, install, repair and maintain solar heating systems throughout the Central Coast and beyond. Ask us about Rhino cockatoo resistant solar panels.

There are three primary types of swimming pool heating systems

Solar Panels

  • Pool solar panels, sometimes called collectors, are positioned on the roof or another convenient mounted position where sunlight is maximised.
  • The water is pumped from your swimming pool to the solar panels where it is heated by the sun, using free renewable solar energy.
  • The water is then returned to your pool. Often, one pump is sufficient for both the pool filtration and solar collectors. Other times, there is a dedicated pump for solar heating.
  • NCS Pool Heating, based on the Central Coast, can advise you what will work best in your situation. Read more about our Solar Pool Heating panels here.


PVC Solar Matting Collectors

These work in a similar way to solar panel systems but the water is heated inside PVC plastic tubing, often called solar matting.

PVC pool heating is cheaper to buy and install but may require higher maintenance if you live in a Central Coast area frequented by cockatoos.

The good news is that repairs are simple. The tube just needs to be sliced open and a connector added.

You can do this yourself or call on a repair and maintenance company such as NCS Pool Heating.

Gas or Electricity

These are highly efficient ways of heating a pool. However, they are certainly not cost efficient and they are not environmentally friendly.

If you want to really maximise your swimming time, a pool solar heating system can be used in conjunction with a gas or electric system, the latter being used as a backup when required on those cooler Central Coast days!

As well as pool solar heating panels, NCS Pool Heating also supplies a:

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