Freshwater Pool Benefits

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In Australia, where we have access to the world’s finest quality water straight from the tap, we truly understand the value of fresh water. However, when it comes to our swimming pools, we have long accepted that chlorine and salt water were the norm. But times are changing, and innovative Aussie inventions are revolutionising the swimming pool industry.

For the past three decades, many swimming pools in Australia have been equipped with a salt chlorinator, with many believing they were swimming solely in saltwater. In reality, the salt (sodium chloride) is actually utilised to generate chlorine, which acts as the residual sanitiser in the pool.

1. Embracing Innovative Pool Systems

In the past decade, manufacturers have introduced smart technology and hybrid pool systems that combine different methods of sanitisation. These advancements minimise the need for high chlorine levels in pools. By incorporating elements such as copper, silver, ozone, and UV, these systems effectively sanitise the water while significantly reducing chemical usage.

2. Healthier Swimming Environments

As consumers, we increasingly seek fewer chemicals in our lives. These new hybrid pool systems can reduce chemical consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional salt- or liquid-chlorinated pools. This reduction is not only beneficial for swimmers but also contributes to a healthier environment.

3. Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

With one in three Australians suffering from asthma or various skin allergies, the impact of chlorine on these conditions can be significant. Freshwater pool systems offer an ideal solution, as they eliminate the substances that can exacerbate symptoms. By swimming in a freshwater pool, individuals with allergies can enjoy the water without experiencing breathing difficulties, dry skin, or irritated eyes. You can emerge from the pool feeling revitalised without the need for excessive post-swim cleansing.

4. Environmental Benefits

Freshwater pool systems are not only healthier for swimmers but also for the environment. These systems require approximately 70% less chemicals and 80% less salt or mineral salts compared to traditional pools. Additionally, they boast potential energy savings of up to 50%. By choosing a freshwater system, you contribute to preserving the environment, protect your pool equipment and surroundings, and can even recycle the water for other purposes.

5. Educate and Explore Options:

Thanks to the abundance of information available online, consumers can now make well informed decisions about alternative swimming pool options.Whether you’re in the process of purchasing a new pool or upgrading your existing one, take the time research to explore the various available options and find the ideal solution for you and your loved ones.

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