How to look after your
pool in winter

How to look after your pool in winter

Taking good care of your pool in winter is an efficient way to save on overall costs and prevent potential damage to your expensive pool equipment. If you are not planning on using your pool during the cooler months, we recommend taking these 6 steps to look after your pool in winter and make it ready for when spring arrives.

Luckily, in Australia, maintaining your swimming pool in winter takes less effort than for those in cooler climates. We also have the option of swimming all year round when the pool is paired with an energy-efficient pool heat pump and fitted pool cover.

For our top 6 recommendations for looking after your pool this winter, read on:

Keep your pool clean 

Every couple of weeks, thoroughly clean your swimming pool. Start by brushing the walls and floors, letting any particles settle before vacuuming the entire pool. Remove and clean any dirt and debris trapped in the skimmer and pump baskets and give the filter a good clean.

Stay balanced

Though the growth of algae slows down during the cold weather, your pool’s chemistry should remain balanced throughout winter to prevent the algae and bacteria from booming when temperatures start to rise.

Even when not in use, pool water should be tested at least once a week to monitor the chemical levels. Aim for a pH balance between 7.2 and 7.6 and alkalinity between 80-120ppm.

During the cooler months, you can reduce the pool’s chlorine levels. For a clean and clear winter pool, we recommend keeping the chlorine level at a constant 2-3ppm. If using a salt chlorinator and a pool cover, reduce the output of the chlorinator to 1-2ppm – this will help reduce chlorine build-up and damage to pool equipment.

If applying a Shock Treatment, remember to run both the pool pump and filter for several hours to ensure it is evenly distributed throughout.

Cover up

Using a correctly fitted pool cover is an easy and effective way to prevent dirt, leaves, branches or other debris from falling into the pool and saving you on your pool cleaning efforts. Furthermore, if you are running a heat pump, a pool cover will help reduce heat and chemical loss from the swimming pool and increase the water heating efficiency.

Winter Mode on

We suggest keeping your pool pump running during winter, but for reduced hours. This will keep the pool looking clean and lower your energy bill. You can also manually switch equipment such as your filter and solar pool heating system to Winter Mode … just make sure to switch it back when summer hits!

Run an inverter pool heat pump

The best way to keep expensive pool equipment from icing up is to keep your swimming pool running throughout the year. Extending your swim season means more swimming for you and, at the same time, preventing equipment damage and health risks from algae and bacteria buildup.

Book an NCS Inspection and Service

NCS Pool Heating has a stellar reputation for its thorough and value-for-money inspections and service. Customers often choose to book every 12 months to ensure the continued smooth running of their pool heating systems and filtration systems.

These inspections are a small investment compared to the significant expenses of a poorly performing, energy-sapping system that’s not running to its designed efficiency. A yearly maintenance check on your pool heating systems ensures efficient running and helps save you money in electricity savings.

To get the best pool heating solution for your home or business, contact the NCS team today.