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Harnessing Renewable Energy for Pool Heating: The Advantages of Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for swimming pool heating. People have used solar technology for centuries, proving its effectiveness in thermal engineering. Utilising solar pool heating allows you to fully enjoy summer while also saving thousands on electricity or gas bills. This method involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes within a panel, known as a solar collector.

You install these panels on a suitably positioned roof or rack in a sunny area. The sun’s free energy then heats the circulating pool water, similar to leaving a garden hose in the sun, and returns it to the pool at a higher temperature. Pool owners can preset this temperature using an automatic digital controller.


Maximising Your Pool Investment: Innovative Solar Heating Solutions

Our solar pool heaters feature a high-performing and innovative design, allowing you to utilize clean, renewable solar power for heating both in-ground and above-ground pools. This capability extends your swim season, maximising your investment and enhancing your home’s value efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal environmental impact.

We specifically design our premium strip, rigid, and commercial solar products to withstand our harsh conditions, ensuring they are Australian Made and manufactured. Solar pool heating boasts easy operation, high effectiveness, and very low operating costs, making it the ideal choice for achieving a comfortable outdoor lifestyle on a budget.

NCS Solar Pool Heating Options

Sturdy, Tough and Durable

Rhino Black Panels

Australian-Made Rhino Black is the world’s toughest and most durable solar pool heating system. Built with top-quality componentry, it can extend your swimming season by up to four months, allowing you to enjoy the most economically and eco-friendly pool heating option available.

This extremely sturdy system is manufactured with high-grade materials, including UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene, Glass-filled Polypropylene and reliable, leak-proof seals.

The solar panels modular design and a wide range of panel sizes can be customised to suit almost any roof space or shape, providing greater roof coverage and higher heat output. NCS Rhino can be installed on both metal and tiled roofs, with drill-free options available to suit most tiled roof installations.

  • Cockatoo Warranty
  • Superior durability and strength
  • High efficiency performance
  • Hail resistant to ISO9806
  • Professional grade system
  • Climate Care Certified
  • SRCC certified
  • 24 hour factory pressure testing
  • 25 year Warranty*

*Terms and Conditions apply.


High-Performance Pool Solar

NanoTek Strip Collector

NanoTek is ideal for unusually shaped roofs and to accommodate roof obstructions, as it does not require fixed-sized panels.

It is a very flexible and highly cost-efficient way to install solar pool heating.

Water is pumped from the pool to the solar heating collector, which comprises PVC tubes with a NanoTek Graphitic inlay. The sun warms the water flowing through the tubes, and that heated water is then returned to your pool.

NanoTek Graphitic Collector is scientifically proven to absorb up to 20% more solar radiation than standard solar matting and 40% more efficient compared to other strip collectors, providing more heating with less roof coverage.

  • Adapts to all roof shapes and sizes
  • Multilayered design for enhanced performance
  • Nano-graphic inner layer for optimum heat transfer
  • Faster heat time with large 8mm tube diameter
  • Climate Care Certified
  • SRCC certified
  • Australian Made
  • 10 Year Collector Warranty*

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Next Generation Pool Solar

Ultimate Blue Collector

Ultimate Blue is a premium level solar pool heating collector providing improved chemical and UV resistance compared to traditional profiles.

Utilising Boss Solar’s innovative and unique MULTILAYERED technology, Ultimate Blue has been specifically designed for improved durability and heating performance.

Harness the sun’s free energy to heat your pool and enjoy exceptionally low running costs, with no greenhouse gas emissions or impact on climate change. The highly efficient solar collector can increase your pool temperature by more than 10°C, doubling your summer fun and giving you maximum enjoyment from your investment. Ultimate Blue can adapt to almost all roof designs, shapes, pitches and sizes.

  • Adapts to all roof shapes and sizes
  • Multilayered design for enhanced performance
  • Matt black outer layer absorbs more heat
  • Optimum chemical resistance from the blue inner layer
  • High quality materials for a long product life
  • Climate Care Certified
  • 15 Year Extended Warranty*

* Terms and Conditions apply.


Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Extend your Swimming Season

Harness the sun’s free energy and create the outdoor lifestyle you have always dreamed of with solar pool heating.  We can install and supply a premium strip or rigid solar pool heating throughout NSW. Our technicians are always out and about on the Central Coast, in Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter and will happily visit you for an obligation free consultation.


With an innovative design and high performance, our solar pool products allow you to use clean, renewable solar power for in-ground and above-ground pool heating. Reduce your environmental impact and harness the sun’s free and sustainable energy with solar pool heating. Our experienced team will advise you on the best type of pool solar heating system, the optimal position for your home and the size required for your pool.

Save $$$ on your power bills

Solar panels will not only save you money on pool heating, but they also help save the planet tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar harnesses the suns free energy instead of electricity or gas, saving you thousands over the warranty period. Our expert team of technical pool heating specialists will work with you to design a solution that is easy to operate, providing optimum performance in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Australian Made

Made in Australia for over 30 years! Built for Australia’s harsh conditions, our range of Boss Solar collectors offers durability, efficiency and innovative features that far ahead of the pack. Boss Solar is the only Australian solar manufacturer with Climate Care Certification.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar Pool heating’s simplistic design makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain. Click here to learn more about how pool solar works.


Quiet Operation

Relax poolside without the hum of a gas or heat pump.

DIY Solar Pool Heating

Many builders and homeowners have installed our DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits to heat swimming pools throughout the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, the Hills Shire, the Northern Beaches, New England, the Mid North Coast, the Hunter Valley and Dubbo.

Remote quote with Nearmap

No matter where you are in Australia, we can quote your pool solar heating job remotely using Nearmap software.

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