Extend The Life Of Your
Solar Pool Cover

Whilst our pool covers are hard wearing, durable and made to withstand the harsh Australian climate, a little time and effort put into its general care and maintenance, will help extend the life of your solar pool cover and your investment.

Tips To Extend the Life Of Your Solar Pool Cover

Excessive chemicals and chlorine can age your pool cover prematurely. When chlorine levels are too high or the water is not properly balanced, your pool cover will deteriorate faster than it should. To keep your pool sitting at its optimum levels, we suggest testing your water on a fortnightly to monthly basis.

Keep it Clean. Regularly check for and remove any sticks and leaves that could tear, stretch or cause damage to the material. Wipe, soft-brush or hose the cover down every few months to remove any built-up debris and chemical residue. 

Cover Up! Pool covers amplify the sun’s warming effect. When not in use, keep the cover out of the sun to avoid sun damage and shrinkage.  The blanket should be stored on its roller with it its storage cover in place, or neatly folded in a cool, shady spot. (Away from dogs that like to chew!)

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NCS Pool Covers are Australian Made, from quality Sealed Air micron collector, welded to size in our factory on the Central Coast. Our pool covers are Climate Care Certified, meaning that it has met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Pool Cover Certification Guidelines.

Established in 1989, NCS Pool Heating is a leading supplier, installer and manufacturer of pool heating systems. With over 30 years in operation and more than 15,000 residential and commercial solar, gas and electric swimming pool heating systems installed, you can benefit from our expertise, quality products and outstanding customer service.

We have everything you need to make the most of your pool, at an affordable price.