Do I Need A Pool Cover?

NCS Solar Pool Cover

Chances are, if you have a pool or are thinking about building a new one, you will have heard about a solar pool cover.

In fact, Sydney Water states that if you are installing a new pool over 10,000 litres, you are required to have an approved pool cover that SPASA endorses under the Climate Care Certified Program or Smart Approved Watermark.

But first things first…

What is a Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover (also known as a pool blanket) reduces evaporation, helps trap heat, and prevents unwanted leaves and debris from entering your pool. It is made from thick,  UV-stabilised rounded bubble material, which is then welded and cut to the size of your pool.

How does a Pool Cover Work?

When placed over the surface of your pool, a tailored solar collector pool blanket creates a barrier between the pool water and the outside environment.  In Australia, our warm climate can cause an uncovered domestic pool to lose up to 55,000 litres annually through evaporation. When your pool water evaporates, so do the expensive pool chemicals and salts.  A properly fitted pool blanket can prevent up to 97% of evaporation, which, along with water loss, is the most significant cause of heat loss in pools.

Even for the majority of customers who decide to invest in their outdoor lifestyle with a solar panel, inverter heat pump or gas heater, a pool cover to help store it when not in use is a universally preferred option.

Choose Quality

The Australian market is inundated with cheap pool blankets from China. But where those will fall apart after six months, the NCS Pool Cover is Australian Made and has been engineered to endure our harsh environment, weather and pool conditions. NCS Pool Covers are made from Australian Made Sealed Air micron collector (in 400 or 500-micron thickness) complete with ultraviolet inhibitors, a thicker bubble, outstanding durability, and superior buoyancy, providing you maximum savings that will last the test of time. The NCS Pool Cover material has a rounded bubble surface (18mm wide and just 3mm high). This reduced bubble height and rounded shape help prevent wear and tear when taking it on and off the pool, which in turn helps prolong the blanket’s life. The streamlined dome shape also allows for more compact storage when stored on a pool roller, reducing the space required for storage.

Do I need a Pool Roller?

When it comes to removing and replacing your pool cover and prolonging its life, a pool roller will soon become your best friend! With a range of options, including standard, motorised, under-bench and hidden, a pool roller makes light work of what can sometimes be a frustrating job!

What size Pool Cover Should I get?

For the best results, your solar pool needs to be fitted correctly to cover both the span and width of your pool. NCS can provide you with a free measure and quote via Nearmap technology – no matter your location in Australia.

What is Climate Care Certified?

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA) and is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program.

A pool cover that has met these stringent requirements means you can purchase confidently, knowing that you are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable solution.

Find Out More

With over 30 years of experience in pool heating, NCS chooses to work only with the highest quality products. Our Australian Made pool blankets are welded in our factory on the Central Coast. They are made to stay in shape, protect your pool and keep in the warmth for up to 10 years. For more information on Solar Pool Covers, contact the team on 1300 138 864, or for an obligation-free quote, fill in our contact form.