What is InverPad Technology?

The Premier Series is at the forefront of inverter technology. The core of InverPad technology is the revolutionary streamlined case design, a Stepless DC Inverter and a Noise Cancelling System combined together. Because of its revolutionary pad and airflow design – a unique backward airflow system draws air from the sides and releases it at the back – the outlet airflow is much quieter than traditional models. When combined with superior anti-noise technology the Premier Series provides a near-silent pool heating experience.

It combines high-end components, such as an inverter compressor, DC brushless fan motor and dedicated pool heating control chipset, to achieve total control over the speed of the heat pump. The frequency and RPM can be adjusted precisely, by one unit at a time, to provide amazing energy-saving and extreme silence. Improved heating performance means increased power savings. To maintain the pool temperature, the Premier Series runs at middle to low speed which leads to the best energy-saving performance and super silent pool environment – achieving more than 50% energy savings compared to a standard on/off-pump.

Premier Series InverPad Technology