Enjoy early morning and late-night dips with an energy efficient swimming pool heat pump.

Have you been thinking about heating your pool for a while, but worried about the cost?
Extend your summer, add value to your home and save up to 50% on your pool heating costs, with an energy-efficient and cost-effective inverter heat pump system. Whether you want your pool heated all year round, or simply want to extend the number of months you can use your pool either side of summer, installing a swimming pool heat pump can give you the versatility that you are after.

NCS quote, deliver and install inverter heat pumps across swimming pools in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast and Regional NSW.

Swimming pool heat pumps allow you to set the temperature of your pool, for year-round swimming.

Similar to air conditioners, swimming pool pumps raise the temperature of outside pools by pulling warm air out of the atmosphere and transferring that heat into your pool water.

This design allows a consistent temperature no matter what the weather is like outside, meaning heat pumps provide more consistently warm water than solar pool heaters.

And, with the arrival of inverter technology, this kind of electric pool heating doesn’t have to be expensive. NCS Pool Heating is a proud supplier of AES Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps, Australia’s leading inverter pump technology designed to save energy by working with the seasonal temperature of your pool.

Note: Heat Pumps should be used in conjunction with a Pool Cover to reduce your carbon footprint, to help keep in the heat produced and to reduce pool evaporation.

Efficient Pool Heating Technology

Standard heat pumps continuously run on a single-speed at maximum capacity instead of reducing load when the desired pool temperature is almost reached. This could mean your standard heat pump is wasting energy, and you’re going to have to pay for it each month. On the other hand, swimming pool heat pumps with inverters allow the heat pump to adjust its heating capacity depending on the temperature of the pool.


Ai Inverter Heat Pumps are the smarter choice in swimming pool heat pumps.

Ai Inverter Heat Pumps are the smarter choice in swimming pool heat pumps. Using the Ai Full Inverter heat pump with smarter pool technology will heat your pool year-round, helping your family get the most from your pool. Our range of Ai heat pumps are the ideal solution for any size pool or spa, capable of heating your pool 365 days a year, so your pool is ready when you are.

Using full inverter technology, the heat pump compressor and fan can speed up and slow down depending on the pool temperature requirements. This intelligent control creates fantastic energy savings. Our full inverter heat pumps are 25% more efficient than standard inverter heat pumps, and 50% more efficient than on/off heat pumps. The Ai, Full Inverter Pool Heat pump, runs at maximum efficiency, with a noise-free environment and is made using absolutely the best quality components.

NCS can expertly install your heat pump in just half a day, minimising the disruption to your normal daily routine. You can have a warm pool for an early morning swim the day after installation!


Ai Full Inverter Heat Pump - Features and Benefits

Control your pool temp from your phone

With our inverter systems, you can control your swimming pool heat pump from the palm of your hand. With a revolutionary digital controller, you can drive the entire system, adjusting the temperature of your pool at the touch of a button.

Powder Coated – Marine grade aluminium casing

Our inverter heat pumps are built featuring a classy, timeless design with Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating and a marine-grade powder-coated aluminium casing.


Inverter heat pump warranty

We believe in good-quality pool equipment that’s built to last. The Inverter Plus range of swimming pool heat pumps are equipped with a strong-parts warranty:

  • 10 Years – Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 6 Years – Mitsubishi Variable Compressor
  • 2 Years – Electronics / 1 Year – Labour

Inverter Plus Smart Technology

Combining Mitsubishi advanced inverter technology with cutting edge electronics and superior mechanical technologies, our inverter heat pumps lead to improved heating performance and increased power savings. Your inverter heat pump will run less, deliver more heat than standard heat pumps and overall save you money on your long term running costs.

Soft Start

When inverter heat pumps turn on, the soft-start reduces the immediate draw on the home electricity supply resulting in a smoother, steadier electricity flow, less burden to the electricity supply and reduced impact on lights and other household appliances. Other regular heat pumps without a soft start can add a load of up to 5 times the rated current, which can overload your home.

Designed for air as low as -7 degrees centigrade

Our inverter heat pump units are designed for air as low as -7 degrees which means that they can operate to maximum efficiency despite the ambient outside temp. Resulting in less heater downtime in the cooler months and maximises your pool swimming season.

Extremely Quiet

One of the most popular features of the Ai Inverter Heat Pump is how quiet it is – in fact, it is quieter than an “8 Star” pool pump. The Ai Full Inverter Heat Pump is independently tested by  TUV Rheinland for its outputs to prove that the units deliver not just on quality but on the heating results too.

Rheem Premium Pool Heat Pump

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia

In a market flooded with cheap imports, the Rheem Accent Residential Pool Heat Pump is a premium product unrivalled in terms of quality. The design is simply a scaled-down version of the large Commercial Accent heat pumps which are specified into Australia’s major projects, with the use of the identical commercial componentry.

The new Accent Premium SB Series is the latest generation of the Accent Residential Pool Heat Pump. It represents the culmination of 21 years of development by Accent engineers in heat pump development and design. Its high performance at cold ambients characterises it. It is extremely quiet and the perfect larger capacity option for suburban backyards. Transferring heat from the air, the Rheem Accent Heat Pump provides the advantages of solar heating without the need for direct solar gain to a collector. While the rate of transfer is highest on warm days, heat gain is even made in sub-zero temperatures or overnight, providing the potential for year-round heating.


Why you should Install-a-Rheem Pool Heat Pump


  • Manufactured in Australia for our conditions
  • Marine Grade Aluminium Case
  • Oversized Evaporator for max heat capture
  • Copeland Scroll Compressor
  • Twisted Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Anti-Corrosion Coil Treatment to protect coils
  • Rheem IQ® Tariff Intelligent Controller
  • EPB Papst Fans
  • Custom Colour Options
  • Top or Side Fan Design
  • Nationwide Warranty – Terms and Conditions Apply


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