Why buy an inverter pool heat pump?

There are several advantages to inverter pool heat pumps, ranging from unparalleled energy efficiency to the flexibility to heat your pool with or without the sun.

A pool heat pump generates natural heat from the outside air to warm the water and it is driven by electricity. The next-generation Premier Series intelligently adjusts the operating capacity to improve the efficiency of air-water heating exchange and bring more extra benefits.

Unlike traditional pool heaters, inverter pool heat pumps only need a small amount of electricity to power the compressor and the fan that pulls in warm air and transfers the heat directly to pool water.

Energy Efficiency
Since most of the heat is sourced from natural air, an inverter pool heat pump like the Premier Series is able to offer an impressive COP up to 15.0, which means by consuming every unit of energy can it produce 15 units of heat in return. For reference, neither gas nor electric pool heaters have a COP above 1.0.

With such outstanding energy efficiency, the running costs of an inverter pool pump are incredibly low, which reflects not only on your bills but also on the environmental impact in the long run.

With advantages in low energy consumption and high efficiency in heating exchange, inverter pool heat pumps are highly eco-friendly in protecting the environment.

Quiet and Durable
An inverter pool heat pump like the Premier Series is 10 x quieter than a traditional on/off heat pump. Moreover, without running at full speed all the time, inverter pool heat pumps are more durable with a longer warranty than traditional on/off pool heat pumps.