NCS Premier Series Inverter Heat Pump Maintenance

Always CUT OFF the power supply of the heat pump before cleaning, examination and repair. When the heat pump is in use: Please clean this machine with household detergents or clean water, never use gasoline, thinners or any similar fuel. Check bolts, cables and connections regularly. If repair or scrap is required, please contact NCS on 1800 […]

When can I expect my Premier Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

If you have placed an order for a Premier Series Pool Heat Pump online, our team will get in touch shortly to advise you on the expected delivery and, if applicable, an installation date.

Where do I find the user manual?

Click Here to download the latest Premier Series, User Manual.      

What size swimming pool heat pump should I get?

To reap the most benefits, it’s important that you select an appropriate size for your pool. Things that need to be taken into consideration are: – Your pools size and volume – When will you be using the pool – extending the season or all year round? – Are you using a pool cover – […]

What is InverPad Technology?

The Premier Series is at the forefront of inverter technology. The core of InverPad technology is the revolutionary streamlined case design, a Stepless DC Inverter and a Noise Cancelling System combined together. Because of its revolutionary pad and airflow design – a unique backward airflow system draws air from the sides and releases it at […]

What does COP mean?

COP stands for Coefficient of performance ie. The ratio of power output to power input. This is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water of the swimming pool. It tells you the energy efficiency rating of the heat pump. The higher the COP of your inverter heat pump, the lower […]

What is the warranty schedule?

Today’s inverter pool heat pumps have exceptional performance and are built to last.  The NCS Premier Series range of heat pumps are manufactured using premium componentry, have been quality tested by TuV Rheinland and are CE marked. For peace of mind, the Premier Series is also backed by our industry-leading warranty. – Titanium Heat Exchanger, […]

Why should I use a pool cover?

As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a pool cover when your swimming pool is not in use. Using a pool cover is important for several reasons: Energy Efficiency: A pool cover helps to reduce evaporation (the greatest heat loss), which in turn reduces the need for energy consumption and […]

Can the heat pump heat my pool overnight?

Yes! However, it all depends on the size of the pool and the time of year. Heat pumps are made to maintain pool temperature on a daily basis. If the heat pump is sized properly to the pool size, once the desired temperature is reached it will automatically maintain that temperature all month long.

Why buy an inverter pool heat pump?

There are several advantages to inverter pool heat pumps, ranging from unparalleled energy efficiency to the flexibility to heat your pool with or without the sun. A pool heat pump generates natural heat from the outside air to warm the water and it is driven by electricity. The next-generation Premier Series intelligently adjusts the operating […]