Swimming Pool Solar Heating Systems and Inverter Pool Heat Pumps in Newcastle, the Central Coast,
the Mid North Coast, Sydney & the Hunter Valley

NCS Pool Heating understands that our customers have varying needs, budgets and pool setups and that’s why we provide a comprehensive range of solar, electric and gas pool heating solutions to ensure that we help you get the most out of your swimming pool all year round.

It’s important to consider the different options when planning your backyard swimming pool as each pool heating system has its advantages and disadvantages.

No matter which setup you choose, our customers have found that they get much more enjoyment out of their pool now that it’s heated as the right water temperature makes a significant difference to the enjoyment of swimming and relaxing in your pool.

The design and installation of the optimum heating system for your pool take specialised equipment made by a trusted manufacturer and the skills of a pool heating specialist such as NCS Pool Heating who has the experience and expertise to make your dreams a reality.

Although we live in a country that’s renowned for its sunny climate and warm summer afternoons, this doesn’t always translate into warm tropical water for swimming.

This becomes especially apparent when you want to swim any time outside of the very hottest parts of the year when the water temperature can drop considerably.

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool investment all year round, then a quality pool heating system expertly installed by NCS Pool Heating is the answer to keeping your water temperature optimum for relaxation, health and fitness, no matter what the weather outside.

The four types of Pool Heating Solutions

To learn more and make an informed selection for your pool, select from one of the pool heating options below. To talk through any questions you have or get help choosing the best solution for your needs, call Rob from NCS Pool Heating.


Commercial pool solar heating requires a special kind of expertise and we have over 30 years of experience, NSW-Wide.

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Built to your needs

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems and Pool Automation & Filtration Systems to suit your house and budget.

Swim all year round

Harness the power of the Australian sun can to extend your swimming season through spring, summer and even autumn with the installation of cockatoo resistant solar heating panels and cost-efficient PVC solar matting.

Cost effective solutions

Through the winter months, you can enjoy a cozy dip with the use of our cost-effective electrical inverter pool heat pumps or our full range of gas pool heating solutions.

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