Pool Solar Collector / PVC Tube Matting


NanoTek Graphitic Collector is scientifically proven to absorb up to 20% solar radiation than standard mono polymer solar collectors.

With Boss patented technology, state-of-the-art co-extrusion techniques and high technology Polymers, the NanoTekTM Graphitic Collector will help you gain maximum advantage.

Nanotek Specs

Its nano-graphitic inner tubes is 30% quicker in transferring the sun’s energy into water flowing through the larger 8mm diameter tubes at 18% more. It boasts of a solar collector that is 40% more efficient compared to other pool heaters, providing more heating with less roof coverage. 

PVC Solar Heating

PVC Tube Strip Matting Solar Pool Heating System on Roof

NCS Pool Heating provides PVC solar heating mats for residential and commercial swimming pools in Newcastle, the Central Coast, in Sydney, the Hunter Valley & regional NSW. PVC tube matting is a very flexible and highly cost efficient way to install pool solar heating. The PVC solar matting is available in a variety of different colours to match and blend in with your roof tiles. 

Water is pumped from the pool to the solar heating mats, which are made up of thin PVC plastic tubes. The sun warms the water flowing through the tubes and that heated water is then returned to your pool. If you’ve never had pool heating before, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your enjoyment and the length of your swimming season!

PVC vs. panels?

PVC plastic solar heating is ideal for unusual shaped roofs and to accommodate roof obstructions, as it does not require fixed size panels. It has similar pool heating efficiency as solar panels and costs less but generally requires higher maintenance.

Free consultation and installation

NCS Pool Heating will visit your home or commercial premises on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle or Hunter to assess your pool and roof space. Our experienced technicians will advise you on the best type of pool solar heating system, the optimal position and size required. It is important that pool solar PVC matting is installed correctly. After all, efficient heating is not just about using a quality product in the right place, but also ensuring the water balance is optimised to prevent a slow or over-fast water flow.

Our technicians are always out and about on the Central Coast, in Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter and will happily visit you for a no-obligation consultation. Contact NCS Pool Heating today.


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