TufLock DIY Solar
Pool Heating Kit (40m2)


Boss Solar TufLock 40m2 DIY Solar Pool Heating Kit

We take the guesswork out of DIY.

Our DIY solar pool heating kits are simple to install and simple to use! NCS Pool Solar Heating kits are customised to fit your pool and roof perfectly. Simply supply us with your address, and we will develop a plan and quote that meets your needs. Your DIY TufLock System will be designed in the NCS Factory (in West Gosford) and delivered to you complete with everything you need for a successful DIY installation!

Boss Solar TufLock 40m2 DIY Solar Pool Heating Kit Includes:

    • Premium Boss Solar PVC Solar Nitrile Absorber (Cut to your roof size at the NCS Factory).
    • Quick Couplings System installed at NCS Factory for an even easier and quick installation
    • Tuflock Manifolds + Locking Clips
    • Tuflok Roof Mount Brackets
    • Dontek Digital Controller with Actuator valve
    • Silicone
    • Vacuum Relief valve
    • 3 way valve
    • White & Black Tee’s
    •  8 x Black 90 Elbows
    •  Instruction Manual
    • Extended 15 Year Warranty*
    • Free Delivery for Sydney Metro, $350 for Regional Areas.



TufLock DIY Solar Pool Heating Kit (40m2) from Boss Solar

Perfect for all roof designs, shapes, pitches, and sizes, the highly efficient TufLock DIY Solar Pool Heating Kit (40m2) will not only double the average swimming season but will also save you thousands by using the sun’s free energy. Used in Australia for over 40 years, thermal solar pool heating systems are a reliable, cost-effective, and versatile heating option. Experience more fun, entertainment and relaxation this summer with an NCS TufLock DIY Thermal Solar Pool Heating Kit.

TufLock thermal solar pool heating kits have been designed for high-performance heating and ease of installation. Each kit is fully customised to suit your requirements and supplied with a comprehensive plan and easy-to-follow instructions.

  • High Heating Performance
  • Fully Customised Kit
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • No Specialist Skills or Tools
  • Simple How-to Instructions
  • Can adapt to all roof sizes and shapes
  • Robust and Durable
  • Low Running Costs
  • Secure Fixing System
  • Pre-Cut Collectors
  • Climate Care Certified
  • Extended 15 Year Warranty*



*Please refer to the Boss Solar website for standard Terms & Conditions and warranty documentation.