Ozone Swim 3000


Maximum Pool Volume: Up to 120,000L (please check your climate zone, the maximum pool size warmer climates will vary)

Components: Combo unit with ozone cell, chlorinator cell, ozone injection manifold and time clock

Primary Sanitation: Mineral/salt chlorinator cell

Secondary Sanitation: Patented ozone corona discharge cell

Minerals Compatible: Compatible with Dead Sea minerals from Mineral Swim

Construction: Powder coated 3mm aluminium chassis for durability and heat dissipation, stainless steel enclosure

Ozone Production: Patented corona discharge ozone production cell

Safety: Electronic fail-safe production control and accessible fuse

System Warranty: 3 years

Chlorinator Cell Warranty: 5 years

Ozone Cell Warranty: 10 years

Upgrade: Compatible for use with Mineral Swim

Optional Upgrades:

  • Add pH Drive for pH control automation
  • Twin ozone corona discharge units are also available




No additional chlorinator required

The Ozone Swim 3000 Series is designed for new pools or to replace existing chlorination systems. The Ozone Swim system provides the benefit of both mineral/salt chlorination and ozone purification, to produce soft, odour free, crystal clear water without the irritations from high amounts of chlorine. Using Ozone Swim significantly reduces chlorine demand by up to 80% as ozone does the majority of sanitation.

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