Battery Power Operated Pool Roller


Battery Power Operated Pool Roller

A battery power operated pool roller makes removing your pool cover easy and effortless.

Offering the convenience of an electric roller without taking up too much space beside your pool, this easy-to-use option rolls your pool cover in minutes with just the press of a button.

Our standard battery power operated pool roller comes with a 12V battery-operated electric pool cover roller, an AC charger, two remotes, and mounted control buttons on the end frame.

  • Enter the width of your pool (in mm), allowing for 200mm either side from the widest point
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Why Choose a Battery Power Operated Pool Roller

Without the convenience of a battery power operated pool roller, it could take up to ten minutes to remove your pool cover, fold it and then find somewhere to store it when using the pool. Pool covers are essential when you have a pool – they help reduce evaporation, energy and overall pool maintenance. Not only are they the cheapest pool heating option, but they also let you spend more time in the pool with fewer leaves and debris entering the pool when the cover is on. However, they can be heavy and awkward.

A pool roller makes light work of getting your pool cover on and off the pool. Not only will your pool cover be rolled and stored correctly within 60 seconds, but you will reduce the wear and tear caused by dragging the cover over rough surfaces.

NCS Pool Heating Systems supplies an extensive range of quality pool rollers, including Stationary Pool Rollers, Solar Powered Pool Rollers, Mobile Pool Rollers, Motorised Pool Rollers, Under Bench and Hidden Pool Rollers.

With over 30 years of experience, we will quote and advise you on the most suitable roller and customised pool cover for your commercial or domestic pool needs.  If you have any queries, please contact us, and one of our friendly team will be back to you shortly.