400 Micron Pool Covers


400 Micron Pool Cover

Quality Australian Made, Climate Care Certified Solar Pool Covers. Made to measure in our factory on the NSW Central Coast.

Australia’s warm climate, although perfect for fun in the sun can cause an uncovered domestic pool to lose up to 55,000 litres annually through evaporation, an unnecessary waste of a resource already in short supply. When water evaporates, so too do expensive pool chemicals and salts, losses which are costly, but thankfully easily avoided.

Choosing a properly fitted solar pool cover from can prevent up to 97% of evaporation equating to thousands of litres of water and hundreds of dollars’ worth of pool care products depending on the size of your pool. Pool covers are the most economical pool heating option, costing nothing to operate and being relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Reduce evaporation and increase your pool temperature with a customised pool cover from NCS.

If you know which brand and model of pool you have use our handy pool selector for a made to measure cover, if you’re not sure, just select custom and enter your pool measurements then upload an image to ensure we make the right blanket for your pool.

Available in Blue, White and Green.

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400 Micron Pool Covers

We only use the finest quality, Australian-made Sealed Air micron collector in our 400 micron pool covers, which we custom weld in our workshop on the Central Coast to fit your pool perfectly. Available in a range of colours and weights.

Although perfect for fun in the sun, Australia’s warm climate can cause an uncovered domestic pool to lose up to 55,000 litres annually through evaporation, an unnecessary waste of a resource already in short supply.

A solar pool blanket can increase the temperature in your pool by up to 8°C, allowing you to extend your swim season. When combined with solar heating, you could swim for up to 9 months of the year!

NCS pool covers are made to endure the harsh Australian climate and all pool conditions to stay in shape, protecting your pool and keeping in the warmth for up to 10 years. With ultraviolet inhibitors, a thicker bubble, outstanding durability and superior buoyancy, our covers will last the test of time.

NCS Pool Heating’s custom-measured pool covers have met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Pool Cover Certification Guidelines. You can purchase confidently, knowing you are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable solution.

Suitable for domestic and commercial pools, pool covers reduce evaporation and prevent unwanted leaves and debris from entering the pool. They are custom-made to fit any size or shape of pool or spa. The blankets are available in 400 or 500-micron thicknesses and contain UV stabilisers, making them suitable for use in Australia’s harsh environments and weather conditions.

When water evaporates, so do expensive pool chemicals and salts, which are pricey but easily avoided. Our covers also reduce heat loss in heated pools, saving on costly power bills.

Make easy work of your new pool cover with our range of Pool Rollers.

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Blue, Green, White