Sunlite DIY Pool Solar Panel Heating Kits


Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley & all of NSW

For cost-effective and long-lasting pool solar heating, you won’t beat the DIY Sunlite kit system. With all the advantages of pool solar heating panels but supplied with full installation instructions and training, you can install your own pool heating system on the Central Coast, in Sydney, Newcastle or the Hunter.

Sunlite Solar Pool Heating Panels Long Jetty, NSW

Sunlite’s rounded tube design will absorb sunlight throughout the day, maximising solar energy exposure. Not only will you be using clean renewable energy but also the panels themselves are made from 85% recycled materials. The Sunlite solar panel kit has been installed by many builders and homeowners to heat swimming pools throughout the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter regions. Ecolite is cockatoo resistant with patented technology to stand up to adverse weather conditions.

Man Installing Ecolite Pool Solar Heating

DIY retrofit or hybrid pool heating system

The easy-to-use DIY solar heating kit and panels can be retrofitted to most swimming pools and can also be installed as part of a hybrid system where Sunlite becomes the primary source of pool heating, with a gas or electric system as backup.

NCS Pool Heating will provide full training and instructions and also advise you on the best position for your Sunlite panels. Extend your swimming season to 7-9 months of the year with a pool solar heating system from NCS Pool Heating!

Ecolite Pool Solar Heating Finished Installation