Ecosun® Pool Solar Heating Panels


Cockatoo Resistant Solar Pool Heating Panels in Newcastle, Regional NSW, the Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Sydney & the Hunter Valley

NCS Pool Heating are a Proud Supplier & Installer of EcoSun Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar heating panels are an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution to swimming pool heating. Free clean energy from the sun, cockatoo resistant, stainless steel fittings and low visual impact make Ecosun® the solar heating panel of choice.

NCS Pool Heating Pty is the authorised distributor of Aquatherm’s Ecosun® solar panels for the Sydney ,Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley region and North Coast.

Commercial & Domestic System to suit all Swimming pools
Big or Small

ECOSUN collectors are manufactured under one from ?pellets to pallets?by Aquatherm Industries, the largest manufacturer of solar pool heating collectors in the United States.

 The ECOSUN collectors are manufactured under a strict ISO accredited manufacturing and quality control system which includes each collector being fully tested before leaving the factory, this ensures the collectors provide years of trouble free operation. Aquatherm solar collectors have been subjected to DSET Labs EMMAQUA accelerated 23 year exposure test in the Arizona desert. The ECOSUN collector is the world?s first hybrid solar pool heating collector and a product of over thirty years of manufacturing experience. ECOSUN collectors have proven themselves in tens of thousands of Domestic and Commercial installations around the world. When you choose ECOSUN, you are choosing solar technology with a proven history of reliability and performance. Aquatherm industries was the first solar pool heater manufacturer to be awarded the National Sanitation Foundation?s NSF-50 ? a safety and durability standard for commercial swimming pools, ensuring your patrons can swim safely in the knowledgethe world?s leading testing authority has approved the ECOSUN pool system.

Why would you use anything else?

Innovative Design. High Performance

Using clean, renewable solar power for in-ground and above ground pool heating enables youto extend your swim season, make the most of your investment in a pool, and increase the value of your home efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal environmental impact! Solar swimming pool heaters operating costs are negligible, since energy from the sun is FREE. Solar powered pool heaters are also 100% eco-friendly. And because a solar system has few moving parts, it is virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is set the temperature, and enjoy warm water for many more months out of the year without worrying about your energy bill, or damage to the environment.

In comparing solar pool heaters, you?ll discover that the Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Collector is the most advanced swimming pool solar heater on the market today. Two unique characteristics set it apart from other solar pool heaters: the patented vented web and fluted surface design.

  • The vented web allows for moisture ventilation for the roof as well as wind load relief during adverse weather conditions, making the entire system more resilient.
  • The fluted surface design, which has received one of the highest performance ratings everrecorded, provides over 10% more collector area.
  • Multi-plate construction ensures each and every Ecosun collector can handle thermal
    expansion/ contraction and torsional stresses without deformation
  • Dual durometer EPDM hose couplers are designed and manufactured in house for the application. No annual tightening required like laminated radiator hose sections, No ‘O’ rings or barrel unions Aquatherm?s efficient solar pool heaters, which can stand alone or are easily configured into hybrid systems, are currently operating throughout the U.S. and in dozens of countries worldwide. Innovative design and uncompromising quality control have made Ecosun by Aquatherm the solar swimming pool heater of choice among discerning facility management & operators.
  • Compounded resin. Antioxidants and carbon black are added to the resin by the supplier, not at the production facility. Even distribution ensures no fading or degradation of the collector over time.


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