Pool Blankets & Covers

Reduce pool evaporation by up to 97% with a pool cover from NCS Pool Heating – Central Coast, Sydney, Regional NSW, Newcastle & the Hunter Valley

Australia’s warm climate, although perfect for fun in the sun can cause an uncovered domestic pool to lose up to 55,000 litres annually through evaporation, an unnecessary waste of a resource already in short supply. When water evaporates, as do expensive pool chemicals and salts, losses which are costly, but thankfully easily avoided. A properly fitted NCS Pool Cover can prevent up to 97% of evaporation equating to thousands of litres of water and hundreds of dollars worth of salts and chemicals depending on the size of your pool. Our covers also reduce Heat Loss in Heated Pools, saving on costly power bills. A NCS Pool Cover is truly an investment and by saving resources will pay foritself several times over during the course of its life.  

Sancell have proudly been manufacturing Australia’s best quality Pool Blanket material since 2007. Sancell produces more than 75,000 square metres of pool cover material each year at there site just outside of Melbourne, Australia. That’s enough material to cover the MCG almost four times over! NCS Pool Heating is a distributor of Sancell covers for the NSW region, Sancell Pool Covers continues to be the most trusted name in Solar Pool Covers Australia-wide.

The Sancell Collector is Welded and cut to size by NCS Pool Heating in their Factory in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW

From Crystals to the finished product all steps are done in Australia

We have changed the profile of our polyethylene pool blankets. The Streamline Dome Profile has a rounded bubble 18 mm wide and is just 3 mm high. The reduced bubble height and rounded shape help prevent wear and tear when taking the blanket off the pool, which in turn helps prolong the life of the blanket. The streamlined dome shape also allows for more compact storage when rolled up, reducing the space required for storage.

Suitable for use on domestic and commercial pools, the covers reduce evaporation and prevent unwanted leaves and debris from getting into pools. They are custom made to fit any size or shape of pool or spa.

The blankets are available in 400, 500 or 600 micron thicknesses and contain UV stabilizers, making them suitable for use in Australia’s harsh environments and weather conditions.

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