Save money on your pool heating, automation
and filtration with an NCS Solar Package

Have you been considering installing PV solar panels but worried that your roof space is already taken up with a pool solar heating system? We can tailor a solar package that will look after both!

The NCS Group can expertly supply, install and pair your swimming pool heating, automation and filtration equipment with a PV Solar Panel System to help you save money.  We will design (or redesign) your home’s PV panel and solar pool heating systems – making the most of your precious roof space.

If you are after a cost-effective green energy solution, NCS  can provide you with the most reliable brands of solar panels and systems for your home. Each of our residential PV solar panel installations is compliant with all Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines and installed by our licenced electrician.

Save money on your pool heating and filtration costs.

When paired correctly, there can be huge savings to be made by connecting your PV solar panels with your pool’s Heat Pump, Variable Speed Pump and Chlorination Systems.

Your pool heating and filtration systems will be working at their hardest when there is free power produced on the roof – and then turned off during peak tariff periods.

NCS can tailor a system specifically for your home, maximising the available roof space and the capacity of both your pool solar and PV solar panels.

Generate free electricity from the sun while slashing your energy bill.

Solar Energy is a clean, natural and sustainable source of energy. It actively contributes to the reduction of greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide and doesn’t emit harmful pollutants into the air. When a homeowner chooses to go solar, they can save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills over the life of their solar systems.

Best installed on the roof of your house, professional installation will see that your pool solar and PV solar panels are positioned to maximise their capacity and consistency in harvesting solar energy both in summer and winter.




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