How to install a Tuflock DIY
Solar Pool Heating System

Thermal solar pool heating is a simple and effective form of pool heating. Pool water is pumped through a series of tubes, known as a solar collector, which is installed on your home, shed or other nearby building. The solar collector absorbs the sun’s free heat and transfers it to the pool water that is being pumped through it. This heated water is then returned back to the pool.

You can automate the heating process by installing a digital solar controller, which monitors the roof and pool temperatures and automatically switches the system on and off to ensure maximum heating efficiency.

NCS DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits are cut to your roof size at the NCS Factory and come with everything you need for an easy and successful DIY installation – allowing you to make the most of your pool.

First things first!

When installing a pool solar system, always exercise extreme caution when working with heights or around water; do not use shortcuts, as there is no substitute for safety.

The potential to fall from a roof is a major risk, along with electric shock and exposure to harmful U.V. radiation and heat exhaustion. Make sure you use all necessary safety harnessing, scaffolding, safety railing and suitable footwear. Make yourself aware of any electrical shock hazards, weather conditions, the roof condition, roof access methods, pitch angle, and sun protection when deciding to install the system.

For more information on working safely with heights, check out the Safe Work Website for more information.

It’s important you select a suitable roof to ensure the optimum performance of your new pool solar system. Take care to select a roof with no shading from neighbouring buildings or vegetation.

The optimum position to install a thermal solar pool heating system is on a Northwest, North, flat (15° or less), or West facing roof. A system can be installed on an East facing roof; however, a slight increase in coverage is recommended. Approximately 6%. It is not recommended to install a solar system on a South facing roof.





Required Tools

  • Standard caulking gun
  • Philips Head Bit
  • 8.5mm drill bit
  • Impact drive or drill
  • Type P PVC Cement and Primer


TufLock DIY Pool Solar System – Installation Manual


TufLock DIY Pool Solar System – What’s in the Kit Manual


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