How does pool
solar heating work?

How does pool solar heating work.

Using free energy from the sun, pool solar heating is easy to operate, highly effective and perfect for achieving a comfortable outdoor lifestyle at a price that won’t break the bank. But do you know how pool solar heating works?

Solar pool heating involves drawing water from the pool and then pumping that water through a series of tubes called a solar collector mounted on your home’s roof (or anywhere near the swimming pool that maximises exposure to the sun). Just like a garden hose left out in the sun, the circulating water in the collector is heated by the sun’s free energy. It then returns the water to your swimming pool at an elevated temperature that is perfect for swimming. And the best bit, your swim season can be extended by months each year!

Strip or Rigid Solar Pool Heating System … which one should I choose?  Both Strip and Rigid solar pool heating systems heat your pool similarly and for comparable times throughout the year. The main difference is that strip systems are soft and flexible, and rigid systems are relatively solid.

Strip solar systems can be easily customised to suit virtually any roof space. Making them ideal for irregularly shaped roofs or those with many obtrusions such as skylights, antennas or air conditioners. Alternatively, a rigid panel system is more robust and durable. They are designed to resist wind and weather dislodgement, cockatoo attack, hail damage and freezing cold conditions.

At NCS, we always recommend Boss Solar. Australian Made, Climate Care and SRCC Certified, Boss Solar have a solar pool heating system in its range to suit virtually any pool and roof space!

Rhino Black Panels – Rhino Black is the toughest and most durable solar pool heating system in the world. Australian Made, this system offers exceptional heating performance, durability and longevity with a 25-year limited warranty, including a 12-year cockatoo warranty*.

NanoTek Strip Solar Heating – The Nanotek solar pool heating collector has been engineered for efficiency, making it ideal for installation around PV Solar (electricity) panels. Using advanced co-extrusion manufacturing techniques and innovative nano graphite technology, Nanotek’s design delivers superior thermal conductivity. With Nanotek, you get uncompromised heating using less material.

Ultimate Blue –  Ultimate Blue offers the latest and best innovations in solar pool heating efficiency. The unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated for durability and heating efficiency. High matting agents on the outer tube and web are designed to improve efficiency and durability. The result is a solar collector superior to any comparable offering with the highest performance and durability on the market at an affordable price.

DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits – We take the guesswork out of DIY with our simple to install and simple to use Solar Heating Kits.  NCS Pool Solar Heating kits are customised to fit your pool and roof perfectly. Simply supply us with your address, and we will develop a plan and quote that meets your needs. Choose from either our tough, duruble Rigid Rhino DIY Thermal Pool Solar Heating Kit or Tuflock DIY Pool Solar Heating Kit, our strip options – perfect for all roof designs, shapes, pitches and sizes.

To be effective, your pool solar heating system should be designed to suit your individual needs taking into account your roof type, pool size, application, and budget. NCS Pool Heating Systems is the largest installer of Boss Solar in NSW; we can help you decide which solar pool heating system is right for you.

Don’t let your pool go to waste. Heat your pool using the sun’s free energy, reduce your impact on climate change and keep on swimming!

*Subject to conditions