Automatic Chlorinators – Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter

Chlorinators assist in maintaining the pH and chlorine balance in your swimming pool. NCS Pool Heating is based on the Central Coast but also supplies and installs automatic chlorinators for swimming pools and spas in Newcastle, the Hunter and Sydney.

The more regularly the water is tested by an automatic chlorinator, the less chance it has to become out of balance and require a major chemical dose. Think how much money this will save you on pool chemicals, not to mention the time spent testing water and visiting the pool shop.

PureSilk Chromatalyzer Specifications

PureSilk® Chromatalyzer®

The PureSilk® Chromatalyzer® will monitor your pool water twice daily and inject the right amount of chlorine or acid into the water to ensure your swimming pool stays perfectly balanced. This automatic chlorinator has the ability to test the water over 500 times before you need to top up the reagent.

The PureSilk® Chromatalyzer® can be used for both domestic and commercial swimming pools and spas. Spas and pools require different levels of chlorination but this automatic chlorinator has a microprocessor that detects any switch from pool to spa and maintains ideal conditions for both.

Saltmate Automatic Saltwater Chlorinator

The user friendly Saltmate Chlorinator gives you complete control over your pool with economical and trouble-free pool sanitisation. You will enjoy your pool even more with no red eyes and more time spent swimming rather than maintaining the water. The inbuilt timer can be set to run both the chlorinator and the filter pump.

The Saltmate automatic chlorinator has a range of models to suit pools up to 180,000 litres and it can be fitted to a new or existing pool.

Detailed specifications for the PureSilk® Chromatalyzer® and Saltmate are available from NCS Pool Heating. If you are based on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle or Hunter, installation of the automatic chlorinator is free.


SALT & SWIM  3C  Chlorinator – “LOW SALT”

The Hayward Salt & Swim sets a new standard in Salt Chlorine generation, with it’s low profile, energy saving low flow operation and low salt requirement.

It is perfect in partnership with the 3 speed pump , allowing full chlorination at a energy saving speed.

Features include:

  • Low Flow, enables use on energy saving low pump speeds
  • Low salt requirements of 2700 – 3500 ppm
  • Reverse polarity for regular self cleaning