5 Great Reasons To Choose Solar Heating for your Swimming Pool

NCS Solar Heating For Pools

Beautiful sunny days should mean hours spent relaxing in your pool. Pity the water is still way too cold to make it enjoyable.  However, with solar heating for pools, it doesn’t have to be that way.  In Australia, we can make the most of our warm, sunny climate and extend your family’s swimming time through spring, summer and even autumn with the installation of economical and eco-friendly PVC solar matting and cockatoo resistant solar heating panels.

How it Works

A pool solar heating system involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes within a panel (known as a solar collector). These panels are installed in a sunny position on a suitably positioned roof or rack. The suns free energy then heats the circulating pool water (think of a garden hose left in the sun) and returns it to the pool at an elevated temperature. The process repeats until your pool reaches the desired temperature which is pre-set by the pool owner.

Benefits of Solar Heating for Pools 

With our naturally sunny and warm climate, solar pool heating is an ideal choice to help you get the most out of your pool.  Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:


Extended Swimming Time

Installing a solar pool heating system allows you to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable pool temperature for many months of the year. When solar is used in combination with a pool cover, you can extend the time you spend in the pool can even further.


The installation of a solar pool heating system allows you to reduce your impact on the environment by harnessing the power of the sun for clean, renewable energy that is suitable for both in-ground and above ground pool heating.

Reduced Pool Heating Costs

With free energy from the sun and minimal operating costs, solar is one of the most economical ways to heat your pool and, as a result, could save you thousands on gas and electricity bills.

Installation with Minimal Disturbance

Depending on the size of your home and system required, installation of solar pool heating is usually within a day, with minimal disturbance to both you and your property.

Low Maintenance Costs

Tough, durable and built for Australian conditions, solar pool heating’s simplistic design makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Solar Pool Heating | NCS Pool Heating

With over 30 years of experience in Solar Pool Heating, NCS works only with the highest quality products. NCS Rhino Black is an Australia Made, and Climate Care Certified rigid solar pool heating system, specifically designed and engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Its robust design, combined with a factory-backed warranty makes it an ideal choice for your pool. With a range of sizes and a DIY option available, this complete system provides everything you need to install on virtually any roof space. Providing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness our panels are produced by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacture with over 30 years in the business.